The Zen Kitchen

A cookbook of easy-to-prepare Japanese recipes and philosophies for the home kitchen to guide you and your family to healthier, more enjoyable meal times.

We love Japanese food. It’s fast, healthy, easy and delicious.

There’s a reason Japan has some of the longest-lived, healthiest and most food-loving people on the planet. The secret is simple preparation of good ingredients, which makes Japanese cuisine perfect for you to cook at home.

If you thought it was just sushi, think again. In THE ZEN KITCHEN, Adam Liaw guides you through his family favourites like Salt-grilled Salmon, Teriyaki Pork and Mushroom Rolls, Sukiyaki, Sashimi Salad, and Green Tea Roll Cake. These delicious dishes, and many more, will bring new favourites into your kitchen.

With Adam’s simple and accessible style and his belief that cooking is a celebration of food, philosophy and culture, THE ZEN KITCHEN is your practical guide to cooking tasty Japanese family food at home.

“★★★★★” – Booktopia

“Adam Liaw has created a cookbook that feels personal and relatable, but which carries a narrative in a way that sets it apart.” – thewritersbloc

“★★★★★” – GoodReads

“The fruit jellies attracted the most attention. They looked spectacular, almost other-worldly, and tasted (in the words of one staff member) like ‘a little slice of summer itself’.” – Readings

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Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School

Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School is your guide to simple and traditional Asian home cooking.

More than just a recipe book, it will teach you about the ingredients and techniques of the Asian kitchen for a complete understanding of how you can create authentic Asian flavours.

Each chapter in this beautifully designed and exquisitely photographed cookbook is a lesson that will improve your cooking, with practical recipes designed to try out your new skills.

Adam explains the heart and soul of Asian cuisines through hundreds of tips and insights; the kind of small wisdoms passed down from generation to generation that you would never find in a recipe alone.

With his help, it won’t take long for homemade Dumplings, Pad Thai, Crispy Skin Chicken, Lemongrass Beef, and Green Tea Ice Cream to become your new everyday family favourites.

“A masterclass on technique and flavour drawn from a lifetime of learning.” – The West Australian

“A step-by-step guide that reveals how certain dishes work, and why drowning your food in soy sauce is never the answer.” – The Courier Mail

“Liaw’s interest in explaining the ideas and processes behind Asian cooking is infectious.” – Mindfood

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Adam’s Big Pot

Simple enough for the novice home cook, affordable enough to feed the whole family and made from basic supermarket ingredients, Adam’s Big Pot shares recipes that will become new family favourites from just one big wok, pan, dish or pot.

“Wallet-friendly and time-savvy… it’s like pulling up a seat at Adam’s shared table” – SBS

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Asian After Work

With simple recipes and using easy-to-find ingredients, Adam Liaw explains how anyone can create authentic Asian dishes that are perfectly suited to a busy lifestyle. Asian After Work is your quide to fast, fresh and delicious Asian food..

“A solid month with this book and you might consider opening your own little hole in the wall.” – SBS

“Overall user-friendly rating 9/10.” – The Age

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Two Asian Kitchens

There is a Confucian proverb that translates roughly to “Consider old things to understand new things”. This is the essence of Two Asian Kitchens. The Old Kitchen represents the traditional dishes of my history, while The New Kitchen tells the next chapter in the story of the food I love.

“Thoughtful and beautiful” – The Sydney Morning Herald

“A superb volume” – The Weekly Review

“A pleasing distillation” – The Australian