Weekend: Loooong bike ride, Imperial Palace, Gaugin exhibition at MOMAT, Christine’s farewell (and karaoke), and Burton’s Mark of the Year.
3:20 PM Aug 30th from web

Weekend: Kayaking and mountain biking in Nagano, trekking to Hakuba, Azabu Juban matsuri, Shinjuku shopping and rocking out with the band!
3:57 PM Aug 23rd from web

Nagano Weekend Collage

Weekend: Too much booze and too much blood.
9:48 PM Aug 18th from web

Weekend: Cancelled camping trip, studio jam, Tokyo Bay fireworks, Martinque rhums, bike ride, a drink at Two Rooms and Harrison Ford movies.
6:37 PM Aug 9th from web

Weekend: Baking (wholemeal artisan bread and pizza), homemade pesto, LOTS of spring cleaning, a bike ride and the gym. I am a domestic god.
3:50 PM Aug 3rd from web