Weekend: Vegetarian tapas x beer; pizza x red wine; Bon-odori, Birthday Curry x reisling. Now that I read that, it’s no wonder I feel sick.
2:24 PM Jul 26th from web  

Weekend: Nomikai, Karaoke, Nasi Lemak, Beetroot Damper (failed), True Blood, Dinner and drinks with the guys, Lemongrass Roast Pork Belly.
3:09 PM Jul 21st from web

Weekend: Sidecar motorbike tour, teaching my niece to swim, Beijing galleries and markets, BBQ with my family, terrace drinks at Two Rooms.
3:52 PM Jul 12th from web

Weekend: Jack Bauer, hot dogs + homemade pickles, outdoor izakaya beers, bike shops, beautiful furoshiki and Michael J Fox movies.
3:29 PM Jul 6th from web