Things are all in a bit of a spin at the moment as Callum and I are being shunted from pillar to post for a bunch of media interviews following Sunday’s result, but I wanted to get back onto this blog to say a genuine and heartfelt thanks to all of the people who have supported me, the other contestants and the show for the last few months.

In the limited time we had access to the real world outside the Masterchef kitchen, the support from everyone surrounding the show and also on facebook, forums, twitter and this blog was absolutely wonderful. Whenever the producers would tell us  how many people were watching the show, we would be so proud – not because of the fame, but because we felt that if people at home were appreciating our food every night then maybe the stress, tears and long hours were all worthwhile.

It has been an amazing experience and a pleasure cooking on everyone’s TVs night after night, and I really look forward to continuing to do so, whether it be in cookbooks, on TV screen or hopefully even in my own restaurant.

If you do want to stay in touch with me and what I’m doing (and trust me, not even I know what that’s going to be over the next few months), the easiest way is probably to subscribe to this blog ( via this link.  Alternatively you can follow me on twitter (@adamliaw) or even just drop in at my fan site on facebook.

It’s going to be a crazy ride from here on, but I’m glad you’re all with me!

With absolute gratitude,