One of the best things about winning Masterchef is that I get invited to a lot of stuff now. Everything from primary school show and tell (seriously) and dinner parties held by complete strangers (seriously) to World Expos in China (seriously) and secret billionaire islands in the Caribbean (not seriously).

But by far the best thing I’ve been invited to so far was the Adelaide Crows Chairman’s Luncheon last Saturday before the Crows vs St Kilda game. This is a team I’ve supported since I was a kid, and last weekend I got to raise the 19th man flag on the ground, stand in the Guard of Honour and sit at the luncheon with His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, Governor of South Australia, Crows Chairman Rob Chapman, Crows CEO Steven Trigg and other dignitaries (oh, and Callum too).

To say thank you for the invitation, I had a woodworker in the Adelaide Hills make me these awesome cheese boards in the shape of South Australia. They were made from River Red Gum and turned out brilliantly, so I was very proud to present them to the Chairman and His Excellency the Governor at the luncheon.

Actual size.

Together with the boards were some of my favourite South Australian cheeses from cheesemakers such as:

All brilliant artisan cheesemakers that make some of the best cheeses in Australia. Many thanks to Kris Lloyd and Sue Rogers from Cheesefest for pulling these cheeses together at such short notice!

I’m getting a few more boards made so hopefully I will be eating some great SA cheeses off one of these very soon!