Those of you that watched MasterChef last night would have seen a letter I wrote to the new contestants welcoming them to the MasterChef house. I had a few people ask me what the letter said in full, so I thought I’d reproduce it in full here.

“Dear Contestants:

Welcome to MasterChef!

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you to get ready for the ride of your life, but there is really nothing that you can do to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. You are about to embark on what will be one of the most wonderful experiences you will ever have. Over the next few months you will do things you never thought you could, see things you never thought you would and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible, but best of all you will share those experiences with the people around you who will become close friends for life.

There will inevitably be difficult times, when you doubt yourself and your decisions, but be strong and stay faithful to the parts of yourself that have brought you to where you are standing right now. Be yourself, do your best and cook what you love. Rush headlong into the challenges you will face with joy, poise and passion, and I’ll see you on the other side of the whirlwind.

Best of luck,