Twitter Weekends (August 2010)

*I used to post up a summary of my weekends each month (as recounted on Twitter). I just noticed that the last time I did this was in August last year, just before the MC-imposed internet blackout that followed my first audition. Looking back then only one year ago to now, how times have changed!*

Weekend: Cooking in Newcastle, His Excellency the Governor of SA at the Crows champions’ farewell lunch, Andre’s and another missed flight.
11:28 AM Aug 30th via web

Weekend: 2DayFM pyjama party, Dad’s 60th birthday, lost wallet, missed flight, Novita fundraiser, recipe writing and still not over my flu!
August 23, 2010 7:40:38 AM via web

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August 2010: Very different to August 2009.

Weekend: Impromptu drinks with the MC kids, Coles Tooronga opening, family reunions, gorgeous dinner @fenixrestaurant and a terrible flu.
August 16, 2010 10:36:22 AM via web

Weekend: Location scouting, papparazzi, Spice Temple, the stunning Jen Hawkins, Myer opening, Aki’s with the MC gang and working on my book!
7:04 AM Aug 9th via web

Weekend: Cooking on @7pmproject, visiting family, car hunting, a nice steak dinner, trying to organise my life and about 3 hours sleep.
9:50 AM Aug 3rd via web

Twitter Weekends (August 2009)

Weekend: Loooong bike ride, Imperial Palace, Gaugin exhibition at MOMAT, Christine’s farewell (and karaoke), and Burton’s Mark of the Year.
3:20 PM Aug 30th from web

Weekend: Kayaking and mountain biking in Nagano, trekking to Hakuba, Azabu Juban matsuri, Shinjuku shopping and rocking out with the band!
3:57 PM Aug 23rd from web

Nagano Weekend Collage

Weekend: Too much booze and too much blood.
9:48 PM Aug 18th from web

Weekend: Cancelled camping trip, studio jam, Tokyo Bay fireworks, Martinque rhums, bike ride, a drink at Two Rooms and Harrison Ford movies.
6:37 PM Aug 9th from web

Weekend: Baking (wholemeal artisan bread and pizza), homemade pesto, LOTS of spring cleaning, a bike ride and the gym. I am a domestic god.
3:50 PM Aug 3rd from web

Twitter Weekends (July 2009)

Weekend: Vegetarian tapas x beer; pizza x red wine; Bon-odori, Birthday Curry x reisling. Now that I read that, it’s no wonder I feel sick.
2:24 PM Jul 26th from web  

Weekend: Nomikai, Karaoke, Nasi Lemak, Beetroot Damper (failed), True Blood, Dinner and drinks with the guys, Lemongrass Roast Pork Belly.
3:09 PM Jul 21st from web

Weekend: Sidecar motorbike tour, teaching my niece to swim, Beijing galleries and markets, BBQ with my family, terrace drinks at Two Rooms.
3:52 PM Jul 12th from web

Weekend: Jack Bauer, hot dogs + homemade pickles, outdoor izakaya beers, bike shops, beautiful furoshiki and Michael J Fox movies.
3:29 PM Jul 6th from web