My 10 Favourite Kitchen Tools

Hi all: It’s been an age since my last blog post, but I have been absolutely flat out on my book, work experience and about a billion other things. I do have some more substantial posts in the works, but I thought I’d just put this up quickly so that you all don’t think I’m dead. – Adam

My 10 Favourite Kitchen Tools: listed below clockwise from top right.

These days most of us just point our furniture at the TV and eat our meals off coffee tables, but it wasn’t so long ago that the kitchen was the heart of every household. I’ve always been a big believer in that, and having a personal connection with your kitchen is all important. Here at 10 things that make me love working in my kitchen. What are your favourite kitchen tools?

1. Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer

This is the most usable mixer I’ve ever owned. It’s tactile, simple and intuitive – the way all appliances should be. Fun fact: Marion uses hers to whip mashed potato, which is something I am definitely going to try.

2. 18cm Japanese Copper Pots

I don’t know the brand of these but the size, weight and feel of them is just about perfect. I bought a whole bunch of these when I moved back to Australia from Japan. Aside from being great to cook with, they also look ‘the business’.

3. Timers and Scales

I don’t tend to use many measurements when I cook (except desserts) but regardless, timers and scales are among the most used tools I have. Scales are great for portioning and timers take my sieve-like memory out of the equation.

4. Sugimoto Vegetable Cleaver

My grandma took a chunk out of this trying to chop up a frozen chicken once but my knifesmith managed to cut it down save the blade. After that it was about 2 cm thinner, and that actually made it even more usable.

5. Short-handled Wooden Spoon

This spoon used to belong to my ex-flatmate’s Italian grandmother who used to make the most amazing tomato sauces. The short handle is great for control, but I like to romanticise the fact that it’s probably been used to stir 1000 pasta sauces.

6. Stanley Fatmax Cutter

I use this more than any knife in my kitchen. Rather than opening a bag of spices with a $400 wa-bocho, having a purpose-made opening cutter in the kitchen is a much safer and easier option. I use it for opening boxes and bags, cutting the tops off bottles and basically for cutting anything that isn’t food. The extra fat handle fits really well in the hand.

7. ‘Pig Sticker’

I don’t know exactly what this is called but basically it’s for poking hundreds of holes in pork belly and suckling pig to give a perfect crackling. It’s great for shoulder roasts as well.

8. Le Creuset 20cm French Oven

This is a small casserole that is the perfect size for 2-4 people. I use this so often in winter that I just keep it on the stovetop and don’t even bother putting it away. There is something magical about a casserole simmering away in a cast iron pot on a cold and blustery winter day.

9. Chinese Ceramic Utensil Jug

I bought this pretty jug in Shanghai a few years ago and was intending to use it for summer cocktails, but then I thought it would be such a shame to hide it away in a cupboard for 364 days of the year. Now this sits next to my cooktop and holds all the utensils that I use regularly.

10. Basic 5L Stockpot

This is a very small stockpot that is perfect for weekly batches of stock for a small family. I usually buy and joint about a chicken a week and this fits the bones and carcasses perfectly. I make about 3L of light chicken stock every week in this, which is a perfect small volume of stock for regular home use.

Note: I paid for (almost) all of these products and I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.

18 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Kitchen Tools

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  2. awww that is a very pretty jug and can’t believe how appealing the “bubbling-away” le creuset sounds right now when we’re supposed to be in the middle of summer but are experiencing torrential rain and cold instead!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know the dangers frozen meat holds for a good Japanese knife blade. Luckily mine was saved as well but my (Japanese) husband gave me a look that suggested that I was the only person in the civilised world who wasn’t born knowing this.

  4. Hi Adam,
    That Pig Sticker is quite possibly the answer to my life. At least the answer to everything crunchy pork crackling related. Which is a pretty big part of my life. How do I get a hold of one?!
    Am glad to have found your blog! H.F.xx

  5. I love hunting for new kitchen gadgets, photography props and stuff that makes your life more interesting in your cooking escapades. Love the pig sticker and copper pots. And so awesome to own a piece of someone’s delicious kitchen history (wooden spoon)

  6. To those who, like me, are chasing the “Pig Sticker”. Adam told via his Twitter that he purchased it at Ban Ban on Victoria Road in Melbourne. Not great news for the non Victorians like me here in SA. I’ve tried the Asian supermarket in the Central Market and also Kitchen Craft on Unley Rd to no avail. If anyone succeeds please do share on here thanks!

  7. Hi Adam. I’m a Malaysian chinese lady married to a Japanese. Really glad u won the Masterchef Season 2. U r really a nice guy with really a great personality! I will try to get ur cook book! Hope it’s as amazing as you are! God bless u in everything that u do! Best wishes Chris Hirano

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  11. those who are looking at the pig sticker.. if you really want the perfect job, a needle felter won’t be enough if you have a large piece of belly. what you want is a needle meat tenderizer.

  12. Dear Adam
    I watch your show on SBS and enjoy it so much as my husband came from Lebanon 65 years ago and we do all different cooking.
    I am interested in the Japanese knives.
    Love the look of the SAJIBONE HANDLE GYUTO
    Would love to know how to purchase it here in Tasmania

    Regards Betty Korkmaz

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